Yahoo Join Media Net for Contextual Ads

World’s second largest serving search destination Yahoo! Bing in collaboration with enabled the web publishers towards earning significant amount of advertising revenues through highly networked Contextual Ad Programs.

The popular Search Engine Yahoo & Bing Network ensures the web publishers towards instantaneous access to the largest marketplaces of the world keyword targeted promoters, marketers and advertisers. More emphasis is given over finding appropriate advertisers for the business’s contents irrespective of the size or level of business in this industry.

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Business are seeing this to be a greatest achievement facilitated by Yahoo! Bing to promote the idea of Contextual Ads through the diverse network it facilitates incorporation to the advertising program served by

TheSEOPortal, Best SEO Services company and one of the leading Online Marketing and Advertising Firm shares that this agreement between Yahoo! And in the form of Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual Ads is actually a milestone in the field of Online Advertising and Marketing that is powered by The aim of the program is to assure the publishers an effective and powerful solution to earn huge revenues so far through advertising means. Now, the publishers are facilitated towards using the platform of for the creation and customization of the advertising units displaying diverse relevant text ads all across the Yahoo! Bing Network. has invested in diverse range of resources since their inception including capital, manpower and time for identifying the terrific solution for the publishers “In association with leading search engine, Yahoo! to encourage huge money earning facilities”, shared by Al Echamendi, Vice President of the Business Development Team of Yahoo! He further shares that during the process of evolution they have come across the as one of the leaders in the innovative and technological world comprising of a strong team to manage and handle all the business track records and holds immense experience being in this industry, as well.

The Founder and SEO of, Divyank Turakhia admits Yahoo! holding the key position as a leader in the field of online marketing and advertising. He further shares, “It is worth being associated with Yahoo! for facilitating the specialized solution to their web publishers for generating additional or increased revenues for them along with assuring the control, flexibility and customization in the manner they like.” will handle the entire work of managing the business operations, technology and relationships with the publishers from the entire world for the program. On the other hand, the same things will also be managed by Yahoo! but with the advertisers in order to drive the advertiser sales all through the world for the program. In fact, Yahoo! will also look after all the network and technical issues to maintain and keep the qualitative standards for the traffic.

The designing of this program basically depends upon the working for the websites comprising of the premium contents, where it could generate the higher rates for user engagement with the contextual relevant ads. Currently, the program is relevant only to those websites that come across large amount of traffic from the parts of Canada, United States and United Kingdom.

Key Aspects of this Program for the Publishers
It just takes few minutes to add advertisements to the website of the publishers using self served platform powered by Publishers are facilitated towards selecting the size of an ad with copy-pasting the HTML provided on their website’s pages for displaying the ad topics and targeted sponsored links.
Publishers get an access to the Yahoo! Bing Network comprising of a large number of ad topics and ads. holds the proprietorship for this project that scans all the contents over the web pages with the delivery of the high quality ads.

Platform of can also be used by the publishers for picking out the ads from the multiple sizes and skins etc in order to match their exact feeling and looking requirements along with requesting the ad units of highly customized nature.

There is a significant control of the publishers over influencing the ad targeting over a web page using various hints like keywords. In fact, one can also deal with blocking out of the unwanted ad topics and advertisers.

The advertising units are comprised of the sponsored links, ad topics or the combination of both, as it is previously determined with acquiring the impressions on the basis of maximum yield through ads.
Publishers are also facilitated towards running their ad units in terms of a cycle in place or with the current ads.

Publishers also get the opportunity of displaying mobile optimized units of advertisement over their web pages for users that are browsing the site from any Operating Systems.

The full time experts of advertisements department assure the provision for the continuous support system from Publishers also get the opportunity of interacting with a real person for helping with the optimization, performance improvements and customization.

Advertisers in the field of online marketing can acquire the access of this publisher inventory with signing up at the Yahoo! Bing Network. Existing search advertisers within the network connections that have selected for the distribution of their ads by means of the syndicated partners of searching or that have decided to opt in to advertise over the content network will become able to instantly or automatically access this publisher inventory of high quality. The deal has already started to get implemented with the Contextual Ads that appears over the Yahoo! properties.

About Yahoo!
The leading search engines on the web world, Yahoo! desperately aims to create deep experiences of the personal digitalization in order to keep connected more and a half billion people to what that mostly remains of importance to them, across devices and all round the globe. The best usage of the strategies & techniques with their perfect implementation at a perfect measure by Yahoo! connects the advertisers to the consumers that are aiming to build their businesses. Sunnyvale, California is known as headquarter of Yahoo!

Since the commencement of its business, the records are always broken down by in the field of building creative and innovative solutions with regards to contextual advertising generating huge revenues from the advertisement convenient, effective and easy for the publishers. The company is privately held with the financial investments supported by Ashmore Investment Management Limited. Ashmore can be understand as a subsidiary company of Ashmore Group plc (ASHM:LN) and Directi Group comprising of more than 400 employees in their different major operating areas like Dubai, Austin, Bangalore and Mumbai. primarily operates from Austin, TX, United States.

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