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Email Marketing Concept

Contrasting traditional brick and mortar marketing practices, E-marketing concept has led a venture from just having its presence online to become extremely successfully e-venture. The concept is though, a new one, but its manual and automated instruments and economic models are capable of shaping the entire business strategy into the profitable one. However, the tricks and tips not always remain everyone's cup of tea and this is the reason, hands of professionals are needed. It would be an extremely profitable opportunity for your business, if you acquire these hands from The SEO Portal. Just having an online portal could not bring success to your 'e-commercial efforts', it brings about an astonishing set of strategies and techniques of E-mail Marketing and the best E-marketing implementations rests within the fine trap of The SEO Portal.

E-mail Open Rate & Deliverability
E-mail Open Rate simply deals with considering the number of people opening your e-mail. Some recent reports suggest that only 35% people open these e-mails on the basis of your e-mail list and 50% of them move it to the trash. Reason is simple; highly promotional and less beneficial things have no value for any customer. They will always look upon something really worth for them. The SEO Portal suggests the best measure as to how a customer oriented e-mail should be drafted to bring the growth oriented results so far. Similarly, the quality of e-mail is also maintained in order to let the mail move automatically into the inbox rather than the spam folder of the customers. SEOPortal keeps a keen eye over maintaining the quality of e-mails to be sent to its customers.

Personalization, List Scrubbing, List Cleaning and List Pruning
Your database should be fully equipped with the first name, user name and other important information of your clients. Similarly, the e-mail list should be cleaned with free from the defunct, typos and accounts etc for reflecting the true performance of your e-mail. The SEO Portal performs extensive researches for finding its true prospects and uses the option of automatic pruning list of the e-mail receivers for qualitative results. DBA team at SEOPortal owns the details of reputed prospects and customers in its database.

Restriction for CAN-SPAM
Federal Legislation passed out CAN-SPAM act in 2003 depicting a set of rules that should be essentially followed prior to send any kind of marketing e-mails. The SEOPortal endows full respect to this rule while assuring the e-mail marketing solutions to its clientele to avoid being classified as SPAM and to potentially come across federal penalties and fines.

Opt-In and Double Opt-In
Opt-In reflects the opting-in by yours users to your e-mail list, whereas, Double Opt-In reflect you got the permission to send them e-mail twice (this usually facilitates through an e-mail confirmation link). The SEO Portal knows very well as to how they should enter into the inbox of their customers with fulfilling their aim successfully.

Plain Text E-mail and HTML E-mail
The SEO Portal facilitates sending two types of e-mails to the prospects; plain text e-mail that contains only text message and HTML e-mails comprising of colors, tables and graphics. The facility of dual formats is due to the non-acceptance of the HTML e-mails by many e-mail clients.

Bouncing Back
Problem of bouncing back of the e-mail does not remain with the experts at The SEO Portal. The e-mail list is properly cross-checked before mailing for any miss-typed. A thorough research is done for buying or renting the e-mail list.
E-mail Marketing is undoubtedly a complicated stuff, but is best to acquire the complementary success for your online business and The SEOPortal becomes the pioneer for your business voyage.

Beneficial Aspects of E-mail Marketing for Businesses
Numerous software packages are there that permit you towards effective designing, writing and tracking your e-mail campaigns in order to tell you how easily you can share your audience about all the latest updates and news about the company regarding latest products, services and offers. However, people generally perceive this e-mail as spam and ignore this form of communication, so it is worth concentrating over the benefits it is comprised of where best e-mail marketing services are facilitated at the SEOPortal to its customers and prospects.
The usage of the e-mail marketing technique for the promotion of your business provides you an opportunity of grabbing the attention of the potentially large number of customers, especially those customers who can hardly be able to visit you shop. Using this simple means of communication, your business becomes able to obtain the extra visibility that is provided by the e-mail marketing process. If the e-mail is designed, written and efficiently and effectively targeted, it will definitely lead to generate sales as well as enquiries for your business. On the other hand, any other offline communication methods demand certain amount of time before transferring the message to the audience.
The instantaneous nature of the e-mail at the SEOPortal is one of the major benefits of the e-mail marketing through which, the e-mail can be sent to the customers. In this way, you become quite reactive along with promoting your all services at just a single click of button. Again, much more than the offline marketing stuffs, e-mail marketing software from the company helps you with tracking how explicitly you are performing with your promotional efforts. The software will report you as to how many people open your e-mail, what interaction they are doing with them and crucially, how many enquiries and sales they are generating as a result. The software keeps a keen eye over your e-marketing campaigns. It is extremely affordable for the users and many software are available in the market just for few dollars and even few lighter versions are also made available for free download.
The concept of e-mail marketing in assistance with SEOPortal involves the most significant way of driving the prospects to your website; you would not have any reason of visiting it. It would be significantly important towards gaining good traffic to your website, especially if you have launched new product or services and seeking to promote them online.
Another major benefit of marketing through e-mail at SEOPortal's arena is the cost effective nature of this technique. As it is mentioned formerly that there are numerous e-mail marketing facilitating software companies and service providers exist in the market that facilitate the businesses to promote them through their established platform. It is a fact to understand that e-mails can be regarded as the most desirable option not just for the small businesses, but also for the larger businesses that are searching for another source or channel in order to market themselves.

Recent and Business Oriented Trend with E-mail Marketing at SEOPortal
The emergence of the e-mail marketing at the SEOPortal is based on the trusted medium of direct marketing in compliance with social media as well as mobile marketing. E-mail marketers at the company are continuing towards focusing on the content as well as UI design of the e-mail. In association with the social media techniques, it has become quite significant for the customer engagement. Considering such facts in mind, it is worth considering the latest trends in e-mail marketing.

Creativity is an important factor, specifically considered at the SEOPortal that could have the significant effect over the results of the campaign. It means if your designs are creative but, of old style, then you should create them according to new style. It will help making your subscribers curious. There are certain factors that help in making your e-mail more beautiful and creative like images, graphics, richness and HTML etc.

Mobile Device
This will help you to make your e-mail more creative. Smartphones like Android, Apple and many more have arrived in the market with beating the less HTML friendly Smartphones like (RIM) Blackberry etc. Due to this, e-mail marketing has become quite significant activity to perform by the consumers over their present smartphones. Hence, according to current trend, the HTML rich e-mails will look more beautiful and nicer on smartphones.

A simple 'hello' can also attract some people, whereas some may need some more personalized message or email. Personalization is effective for most of the subscribers to move to the next level. Nowadays, the newsletter content is made out of the consumer data at the SEOPortal. The entire history of the buying behavior of customers, data for customer relationship management and website activity is considered for making a personalized e-mail by the company professionals. The past data ensures your well understanding about your subscriber in order to send them more personalized e-mail.

Relevancy never goes anywhere soon. Hotmail, Gmail and other top e-mail service providing companies always keep on developing new methods for prioritizing messages including the personal approach. If the SEOPortal marketers are using the specialized features like Sweep functionality of Hotmail or the priority inbox of Gmail, then they always make sure that their e-mail content is relevant to the offers they are making aware of. If these features are ignored, then it will surely lead to decrease in reputation, loss of conversion and finally the ending of the e-mail to the junk box of the recipient.

Social Media integration
Year 2012 is regarded as the year for Social Marketing or Social Media Integration. This year, e-mail marketing has emerged strongly in context with the social media optimization. They together depict a solid growth in businesses, as facilitated by the SEOPortal. As your business comes forward towards realizing the value of engagement, this trend will continue to go. This is the reason, why most of the businesses are embracing the notion of personalized communication approach.
All the above trends contribute towards making e-mail marketing in assistance with the SEOPortal as the most reliable as well as most used channel for business promotion in 2012. As everyday new updates are received from Google and this makes the process of Search Engine Optimization day to day tougher. Hence, SEOPortal marketers are thus, forced towards finding new and advanced marketing channels that are reliable as well as economic and that can yield good ROI as well. Hence, e-mail marketing at the company is more evolving on its grounds along with filling the gap left by Search Engine Optimization.

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