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The methodization of social media activity with an inclination to attract potential visitor groups towards the website content is called Social Media Optimization (SMO). SMO is an essential part of many major online methods that are linked to website optimization. It is closely linked to the other method that is search engine optimization (SEO).

Though SMO is a part of Search Engine Marketing yet there are several differences between the two methodologies that focus on channelizing traffic from various sources apart from the search engines.

Social Media Optimization Services is a viral marketing technique where the advertising of is done by means of networking mediums like video’s, social bookmarking, photo sharing websites etc. Engaging the website with blogs also helps share content by means of RSS present in blogosphere and other search engines linked to special blogs.

More About SMO

SMO is an integral element of online reputation management or even the Search engine reputation management strategy for those who are very devoted towards building their online presence.

Social Media Optimization can be categorized into two sections:
Social media characteristics included in the original content. These include sharing buttons, social news, RSS feeds, polling tools, user ratings, third-party functionality incorporation like images and videos.

Activities that have a promotional element linked to social media apart from the content promotion. These include blogging, status posting, participation in group discussions, commenting on blogs, blogging and status update posting over profiles present on social networks.

SMO is an integral element of online reputation management or even the Search engine reputation management strategy for those who are very devoted towards building their online presence.

At The SEO Portal we offer Social Media Marketing Services that are designed so competitively that your company will greatly benefit by its strength in defining your brand essence all across the market by means of social networks present online.

SMO is the source that has given way to effective social network marketing as an online marketing feature.
At The SEO Portal we help you realize maximum benefits of our SMO methodologies by:

Defining your brand awareness across social networks.

Synergizing internet marketing and SEO campaigns meant for your website.

Channeling quality traffic from Social networks towards your website.

Boost link popularity and help gain non-reciprocal link

As a company we encourage our customers to get engage in tactics that drives maximum values to their business. While Surfing on the Internet you must have undergone various reputed social media websites and you might be having accounts in few of them. We as a company, formulates the strategies for our customers to effectively ripe such platforms.

Below is the List of Top 10 Social Media Platforms-

Services for Website Alexa Page Rank
1 2 9
2 12 9
3 3 9
4 31 9
5 117 8
6 196 8
7 205 7
8 236 8
9 294 8
10 338 8
11 338 7
12 533 7
13 916 8
14 1,183 9
15 1,272 8

Depending on the nature of your business we lay-down the technical foundations and scientific User centric approach to cultivate your customers for enhanced ROI

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